Dollars at Work

How we do what we do:

Step 1: Raise money through events like the Promise Ride. Individual and team donations, as well as corporate sponsorships, help us meet the breast health needs of our community.

Step 2: Establish exactly where that support is needed most in our community. Learn more about the Komen Maryland Community Profile.

Step 3: Help those communities through education and support to local organizations that provide a wide variety of breast health services. In addition we contribute to peer-reviewed national research that has a direct impact on treatment.

Since 1993, Komen Maryland has provided over $37 million to the fight against breast cancer:

  • $10.8 million to support research
  • $4.5 million for education
  • $22.5 million in local grants to support programs providing direct services to patients and survivors

Twenty five percent of our funds are pooled together with funds from other Affiliates to support research on an international scale. Komen has a 33-year track record of leadership in breast cancer – funding more research than any other breast cancer organization and second only to the U.S. government – while impacting hundreds of thousands of women every year through community health outreach, education and advocacy.

Seventy-five percent of our funds stay in Maryland to support local breast health programs that provide a comprehensive range of services across the State including:

  • Screening and diagnostic tests for uninsured, underinsured and newly insured women
  • Outreach and patient navigators to educate and help women throughout the screening, diagnostic and treatment process
  • Meals, transportation and co-pay assistance for women undergoing treatment
  • Support programs and mentoring for patients, survivors, caregivers and women living with metastatic breast cancer

In addition supporting local programs, Komen Maryland provides:

  • Community educational events, community stakeholder consortia and educational material
  • Resource Guide for Breast Health Healing
  • Breast health education and outreach in the community
  • Survivor support and education

How we have made a difference:

Since 1993, your support of Komen Maryland through events like The Promise Ride have resulted in the following outcomes in Maryland:

  • more than 45,400 screening mammograms
  • more than 9,300 diagnostic services
  • more than 17,800 support services such as meals, transportation, financial assistance, etc.
  • the education of over 16,500 women about clinical trials the diagnosis of more than 534 breast cancers

Read more about the accomplishments of our grant programs.